A strong working memory is essential for learning. Poor working memory can be the cause of a significant impairment for students. This is why working memory capacity is a very good predictor for academic success – and why working memory capacity is strongly correlated with students’ performance, particularly in reading and math. Cogmed training is an evidence-based, online training program that can be effectively implemented in schools to strengthen students’ learning abilities and improve academic performance. Cogmed is implemented successfully in hundreds of schools worldwide including in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. For the first time, a scientifically validated solution such as Cogmed is being introduced in India, as a research-based and coach supported solution to the challenges in attention, behaviour and academic performance.To find out more information about implementing the Cogmed program in your school, including pricing information and practical details call us on +91 96 3260 2300 / +91 92 4360 0012. or email us at

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Attention school professionals:

Pearson is now certifying Cogmed Coaches across India

Cogmed Coach training and certification is mandatory for professionals such as teachers, special educators and other school staff, who would like to offer Cogmed Working Memory Training to school students and other individuals.

The goal of the one-day intensive Cogmed Coach training is to provide participants with the skills and resources needed to support individuals through the 5 week Cogmed Working Memory Training program.

What do you take back from the training?

  • One Cogmed RM training (for your personal use, to train and familiarize yourself with Cogmed)
  • Extensive training material for continued learning, post training
  • Cogmed Coach certificate

Why should you become a certified Cogmed Coach?

  • In a competitive and fast developing education industry, a Cogmed Coach certification from Pearson, a global brand in learning, will enhance your professional profile, and prepare you for the next level in your teaching career.
  • Functioning as a Cogmed Coach enables you to generate additional earnings from offering Cogmed training to students. For every Cogmed training you offer, you will receive a referral bonus from us.
  • As a school professional involved in the learning of school children, you will contribute to better learning for children with this cutting-edge solution for academic difficulties.
  • As a Cogmed Coach, you will be playing an important role in motivating the Cogmed user along the way, and ensuring a successful completion of the program, for optimal user benefits.
  • You will be able to offer Cogmed training to any child or adult who is struggling with attention problems, in your school or your neighbourhood, all from the comfort of your home, after an initial set of face to face interactions. This is because you will be able to track user progress on Cogmed using our online portal, that lets you log in anytime, anywhere.
  • You don’t need any additional qualification beyond your current education, to function as a Cogmed Coach. You will be able to start functioning as a Cogmed Coach after receiving our training on the theoretical and applied aspects of this solution, from our expert trainers.


If reading the above excites you in anticipation of a promising career ahead with our help, fill in the Cogmed Coach application form below. We will get in touch with you with information about upcoming Cogmed Coach training workshops in a city near you.

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