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Less than desirable grades in class tests and examinations don’t always mean a child is less talented, intelligent or capable. Which is why conventional ways to remedy the situation like talking to the child or disciplinary methods don’t always work.

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A one-time investment

Cogmed significantly improves test taking ability in children. It helps the child focus and respond to the items in a class test or examination, in a time-bound test environment. Furthermore, it is a one-time investment, as against tuitions that are recurring costs. Cogmed is ultimately beneficial for your child as its effects are long lasting.

Your child may be struggling with keeping information in the mind for a short time, focusing on a task and remembering what to do next. This typically impacts functions that involve a series of logical steps, like in mathematics. The child loses attention midway, makes a mistake, and every step that follows carries this mistake forward. The result – under-performance in academics, stress and a gradually developing inferiority complex that will hamper your child’s current and future potential for success in life.

What is required is a psychological tool that gets into the child’s mind and addresses the problem effectively and scientifically. Indeed, sustained interest levels and attention can be developed using a technique that is scientifically developed, comprehensive in approach,non-strenuous and fun to practice.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based online training program developed by leading neuroscientists to improve attention in individuals with weak working memory.

Cogmed is backed by peer-reviewed, controlled research done at leading universities around the world and is proven to lead to significant, real life improvements in 80% of users.

The training program is available through our authorized Cogmed Practices and Cogmed coaches, all trained and qualified by Pearson. Each Cogmed coach will coach your child through the training program to ensure a successful completion of the program.

Success, one step at a time.

The program works systematically by engaging your child in a series of active online exercises. Spanning five weeks, it starts with simple activities that stimulate interest and ensure a positive approach to the engagement. It then climbs to gradually increasing difficulty levels, ensuring that the child has mastered one step before moving on to the next. The entire program rolls out in a game format that is engaging, exciting and motivatingThe difference is, unlike games Cogmed taxes the brain with increasing difficulty levels and is structured in such a way that it taxes and improves your child’s attention and working memory.

The Cogmed Coach

Throughout the five-week program, your child’s progress will be monitored by a qualified and dedicated Cogmed coach. It begins with the coach introducing the child to the program, followed up with telephonic guidance and assistance. The coach reports progress and solves difficulties faced by the child, thus ensuring sustained motivation to complete the online program. Throughout the program, you will have access to charts and statistics recording your child’s day-to-day performance and progress.

On completion of the program, the child has a one-on-one interaction with the coach, during which questionnaires are completed and a final report is prepared. A six-month follow-up interview tracks the success of the program for the child.

Practicality and ease of use

Cogmed training can be availed from school or home. It takes 30 to 45 minutes a day, for five days a week, for a total of five weeks. If training sessions are missed due to any unforeseen reason, it can be made up for, beyond the five-weeks. What’s more, one hundred 15-minute sessions for one year, following the initial 5-week training, are included in the package at no additional cost.


If you are struggling academically or socially, due to challenges with focusing and resisting distractions during studies or social situations, sign up for Cogmed training. Cogmed training will help you improve your working memory, which in turn will improve your capacity for attention. Your improved attention will help you with academic work, especially in the areas of math and attention. When you sign up for Cogmed, you will be assisted by a Cogmed Coach who will motivate you and help you successfully complete the five week training. What’s more – this training is never dull and keeps you engaged, as you expand your working memory capacity for better academic performance in school.

Here are the areas where Cogmed training is likely to help you:

  • Focus and concentration
  • Attentiveness
  • Academic performance
  • Behavior
  • Impulse control
  • Reading comprehension
  • Math reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Sequencing steps in a task
  • Transitioning between tasks
  • Planning, organizing and structuring daily activities

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