There have been a number of changes that the Tattva team noticed in the students who were chosen for the Cogmed program. Some of the notable changes observed were an improvement in self-confidence and ability to read, improvement in concentration while doing school work, ability to work independently on written assignments and math problems, and greater motivation to complete any task. Some children also exhibited less restlessness and forgetfulness post training. The constant monitoring and the personal touch by the Cogmed coach to help complete the program, especially when a childís motivation level dipped, is noteworthy. We would like to applaud the great support we received from the Cogmed team!
Management,Tattva School, Bangalore

I thank Pearson for designing a program like Cogmed. Cogmed is one of its kind in terms of its content, quality and mode of delivery with its hallmark of convenience (web based and hence can be used practically anywhere). The improvements we noticed in our son include an ability to focus on a given task, and improved participation in activies in his surroundings. His teachers at school have remarked that he has made progress in terms of active classroom participation. At home, we noticed that he is more often picking a book on his own and reading, as compared to earlier. As parents, we feel that continuously using Cogmed for our son will help his progress greatly and we hope to see many more improvements in his temperament and personality.
Father of 14 year old Cogmed user

I have been trained on Cogmed Working memory as a Cogmed Coach. Cogmed certainly helps in improving working memory, focus on task, sustained concentration and sitting tolerance. I found it really useful in improving listening skills and retention, along with visual tracking ability and spatial organization. I recommend Cogmed training for students, professionals and any one would like to hone their skills for effective functioning. (Dr. Shenoy can be contacted at 080 2663 6214 / +91 98453 57582 or for more information on her experience of using Cogmed)
Dr. Sulatha Shenoy, Ph.D. (Psychology), Director, Turning Point, Center for Psychological Assessments, Therapies and Counseling, Bangalore

My eight year old son enjoyed the Cogmed training. The Cogmed training program is really very useful. I observed him doing the Cogmed training with real interest. In the long run, with consistent practice, I feel it will definitely improve my sonís concentration, memory and sitting tolerance.
Mother of 8 year Cogmed user

Cogmed training has helped in improving alertness, reading, digit recall and reducing Impulsivity in my son. The program is well structured and mentored. The scoring feedback is very useful and so is access to 100 sessions.
Father of 19 year old Cogmed user

Cogmed program has helped us to benchmark the childís capabilities. We do see an improvement in him in the past two months.
Father of 9 year old Cogmed user

My child has greatly benefitted from the Cogmed Working Memory training program. I have seen improvement in my son. He is now more alert, his reading has improved and his impulses are controlled. The program is very well structured. The monitoring, motivation, feedback and support from the Cogmed coach helped my son a great deal in successfully completing the training.
Father of Cogmed user